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Even though we see our clients on a regular basis and are always available to provide input regarding queries and questions, we can’t tell everyone everything as and when news needs to be shared. We also understand that there is a perception that there is almost too much information in the marketplace and that this often hampers the flow rather than enhances it. For this reason, we have chosen to provide formal input on compliance-related matters to clients via a monthly newsletter that allows us to communicate key issues that we consider worthy of our clients’ attention on a more regular basis.

The newsletter is issued at the end of each month and has regular features that include, but are not limited to, news from:

  Associated Compliance
  The FSCA
  The FAIS Ombud
  The FIC
  And a variety of articles we have read from the marketplace that we consider to be worth our clients’ attention.

News story of the month

AC Develop

The recent regulatory changes that have introduced Product Specific training and launched Continuous Professional Development presented us with an opportunity to expand the offerings from AC Develop.

We have designed an e-brochure that will tell you all you need to know. This is already available on our websiteunder services, or you can click here to download a copy.

There are two aspects to the service:

1. An online platform that provides relevant FPI CPDaccredited information for our clients, and as you will see, in a very cost-effective manner which is driven by the number of Key Individuals and Representatives a client has, rather than a cost per person. The material will focus on:
Regulation (well, not surprisingly), with our monthly Newsletter being at the core of this section, which will allow CPD to be earned from reading each issue.
HR and soft skills with a focus on the financial sector and FSPs in particular.
General financial market news and data.
2. The same online platform will be made available to our clients who see an opportunity to:
Provide an online tool for their own company, branded with their own look-and-feel and logo, to deliver CPD and/or Product Specific training to their staff.
Provide a similar tool for UMAs, administrators or small insurers, branded with their own look-and-feel and logo, to deliver Product Specific training and CPD material to their broker clients.

In both cases, we can assist to structure the Product Specific training material and related assessments and similarly with the CPD material and the professional body registration thereof.

We see this new offering as adding value to our existing relationships. To ensure that we stay focused on our core activities, we have partnered with Charmaine Koch, who many of you will know from her years at the IISA. She brings a wealth of knowledge to our team on all educational matters, and will be supported in the client contact area by one of our longstanding partners, Bronwynn van Tonder of AC HAS.

Their contact details are:

Charmaine083 533

Bronwynn083 200 1689

If you are interested in this service, you can contact one of the ladies directly, submit a request via our website,or speak to your compliance officer.

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