This month, we are delighted to launch another innovative add-on service for our clients. We have the perfect solution for those of you who don’t have the time, or the capacity to ensure all of your documents are correct, up-to-date and word perfect.  This service, AC-Proofed, will be managed by Kim Hatchuel who is a ‘document formatting fundi and proof-reader extraordinaire!’  Kim worked for a Short-term insurance underwriter, and handled management of the compliance documents for that company.  She has over 20 years admin experience in the insurance industry, and managed FAIS liaison for eight of those years.

Kim can assist with reviewing all types of documents, from your current Conflict of Interest Management Policies to PAIA Manuals. Her extensive experience in the field means, that she will see to it that no mistakes occur, and that all documents are consistent with your corporate image. Kim is very detail-orientated and has the ability to spot any errors and to ensure consistency in all documents.

Naturally this service is in addition to our current procedures, controls, documents and wording development services, as it provides the final polish to these or any other documents you have developed independently. The pricing is very much dependent upon the size and complexity of the document/s to be proofed, but would generally be based on a “per word per document” basis.

You may contact Kim by e-mail if you have any requirements in this area and/or need to set up an appointment to discuss specific projects:

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